Sabina Hank

Sabina Hank,

composer, arranger, singer, songwriter, pianist

Her musical technique and intellect are the result of her 13 years of classical piano training at the Salzburg Mozarteum.

However, she discovered her love for jazz early on and so it was appropriate for her to complete her studies in piano and vocal jazz at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz.

Within the classical segment, she participa- ted in the Steinway competition in 1990 and in 1998, she won the first prize in the composition scholarship in the state of Salzburg. Though still only 25 years old, countless musical activities are enriching her life: a composition contract from the Schauspielhaus Bochum in 1998 for „Carmen“ (directed by Leander Haussmann). In addition, she has written film music with Werner Pirchner („Untersuchung an Mädeln“), as well as film music for the series „Tatort“ („Scene of the crime“).