• Artist: Shilkloper | Correa | Breinschmid
  • Catalog No: Q-0106-2


The name of this album was inspired by a painting called „the Lady In Mauve“ by Lyonel Feininger. Originally from New York, Lyonel Feininger spent a great deal of his life in Germany. Open minded and trans-continental. He is closely associated with the German Expressionist movement as well as the Bauhaus, where he was an active teacher and practitioner.

mauve. An album that sounds like the transition from European music and folklore to jazz: A Russian horn player who also plays Alpine Horn. A Brazilian guitarist. An Austrian bass player. The quest for each of these countries‘ musical roots and the shared music country.

The mauve decade – 1890 to 1900: The beginning era of jazz. Some lines from a dictionary as a guideline:

1. MAUVE [mow:] – dark, intensive red

2. THE MAUVE DECADE – the beginning era of jazz. the transition from European music and folklore to jazz. 1890 -1910 



Arkady Shilkloper – french horn, alpine horn
Alegre Correa – guitar, vocals, percussion
Georg Breinschmid – double bass
Endrigo Bettega – drums, percussion

Here is a short video posted on Youtube by Arkady Shilkloper: