Blue Moments


  • Artist: Sabina Hank
  • Catalog No: Q-0105-2

Sabina Hank about BLUE MOMENTS

„As far as I remember, I do hear in colours. Every tone, every note has its definite, own colour and wave. But: None of those 12 tones existing is clear blue.

This – for me – makes the following question arise: That are then and why are blue notes called blue notes? There is an answer for me. And it lies in between – an unseizable blue. In every note, in every sound and chord,
it’s there and it isn’t. Maybe you can’t hear it clearly, maybe you can’t define it, but you can feel it.

An unprovable truth. BLUE MOMENTS.“


Sabina Hank – vocals, piano, comp., arr.
Alexander Meik – double bass
Georg Breinschmid – double bass
Stephan Eppinger – drums