• Artist: Wolfgang Puschnig
  • Catalog No: Q-0102-2


Artist’s Statement

Chanting is a way to calm your mind, leave behind those thousands of thoughts whirling around non-stop and then hold still – if only for a little while. Peace. Step back and watch the world turn. Things unfold and vanish. Not interfering with your mind.
All around the world there are innumerable ways to chant and countless things to be achieved by doing so. But the first thing is to calm and focus your mind. From there you can go anywhere.

Here with these tunes we tried to simplify, concentrate, go beyond concepts and create a peaceful, open space to step into. We tried to forget about ourselves as musicians and just play music. For us, for you.

Follow us into that peaceful place and just watch things unfold and pass. Stories, moods, thoughts. Join and complete the „whole“ that music is about.

Wolfgang Puschnig, 2001, Vienna

producer’s notes (by Andreas Rathammer & Heinrich Schläfer)

Objects considered from another perspective. The mind is freed to let room for what really matters. Allow the unusual to happen so what seems usual becomes exciting. Wolfgang Puschnig’s focus on music.



Wolfgang Puschnig – altosax, flute
Franz Hautzinger – trumpet
Bumi Fian – trumpet
Woody Schabata – vibes
Achim Tang – double bass
Reinhart Winkler – drums
Laurinho Bandeira – percussion
Linda Sharrock – voice
special guests: The Vienna Flautists