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  • Artist: Rossella Cappadone
  • Release: 24. Mai 2019
  • Catalog No: Q-1804


This record is the result of a long period of personal and artistic work. My intention was to enclose and express the most important musical aspects of my growth on the pathway to this point.

Bow instruments have always had a fascinating charm that led me to spend a period of my life firstly withthe viola and then the violin, but whilst I was studying classical music at the conservatory i felt a the love for jazz and its South American influences growing more and more in me. The experience of those years did not led me to become a violin or a viola player but gave me the opportunity to enter into a dimension that i still want to explore. So I decided to combine the two worlds by inserting the classical instruments in a jazz context which covers a role that is harmonious and rhythmic resulting in an informal way of writing.

All this would not have been possible to achieve without the help of Stefano Bedetti who first welcomed and supported the idea and then created arrangements of the songs, that have exceeded all my expectations. The choice of the Maestre to whom I wanted to pay tribute came from deep inside, Jobim and Piazzolla accompanied me during most of my life, I have always loved their all natural approach to music, and in a sense the realization of this album follows the same line where each note is dictated by instinct and leaving aside any superstructure.”

Rossella Cappadone, March 2018


Line Up

Rossella Cappadone, voice
Stefano Bedetti, saxophone, arrangements

Gabriele Bellu, violin
Fabrizio Merlini, viola
Vanessa Sinigaglia, violoncello
Martin Gjakonovski, double bass