Grey [Vinyl]


  • Artist: Puschnig | Swallow | Alias | Lewis
  • Catalog No: Q-0207-2

GREY. The joyful answer to some of the questions never asked.

So here are the answers to…
…who ever wanted to know what George Benson never could have done with On Broadway
…who ever is curious to find out how the Allman Brothers would have played Down By The Riverside.
…who ever always wanted to hear Jimi Hendrix visiting Marrakech…

We admit that there is not a single Guitar on this entire record. We insist, however, that, if you might have thought that the real stuff could only be played on an axe – think again! And please: Play It Loud!

How GREY came to life…

When Wolfgang Puschnig asked us to do a record with Steve Swallow the answer could only be a question in return: When? We wanted to do a trio record, so we had to find a drummer. There were a lot of names flying around in our minds but we could not decide. So Wolfgang sent faxes to most of them and we simply waited who would be the first to reply. But things are just never that easy – Victor Lewis and Don Alias answered at the same time.

Which means that suddenly we had quite a few possibilities, each of them rather tempting: We could choose either Victor or Don for the complete record or have them play some tunes each. But Wolfgang’s inborn carinthian charm can be very convincing if need be. So we decided that only more is really more. This way he got his quartet and we had our trio. Somehow.

All the songs you hear on this record are first takes. One band, one mind, one take. As Wolfgang Puschnig puts it, „I associate the word grey with maturity, concentration, the absence of extremes, balance, purity, and also with the colour of our hair.“


Steve Swallow – bass
Wolfgang Puschnig – saxophone, flute
Don Alias – percussion, drums
Victor Lewis – drums