Mau Pin

  • Artist: Enders | Locke | Howard | Salfellner
  • Catalog No: Q-0302-2

Originally, Kyoto was the title of a composition. Then Christian and I decided to give this name to our band with Joe and Ed. What we wanted was not just another project, but our own working band, where we could realise our common ideas… Kyoto, the old Japanese residence and imperial city, is also the capital of Japanese Zen Buddhism and Zen monasteries representing this vision: finding yourself, dealing with each other respectfully and peacefully, being one with oneself and the world. With Kyoto we set out on our musical search for this vision. And after three tours, Mau Pin is the result. Let it be a long journey.

Enjoy the music, yours truly,
Johannes Enders


Johannes Enders, saxophone
Joe Locke, vibraphone
Ed Howard, double bass
Christian Salfellner, drums