Portuguese Blue

Q-2202 - Portuguese Blue - Album Cover


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  • Artist: Mickylee | Stowell | Bandgren
  • Release: 8. Juli 2022
  • Catalog No: Q-2202-2

Portuguese Blue

Old and new Friends join to collaborate and find gigs and recordings to do together…

Mickylee (SRB)

Mickylee (AT)

John Stowell (US)

John Stowell (US)

Ulf Bandgren (SE)

Ulf Bandgren (SE)

„We all feel a shared musical language and a real sense of communication. I think that you will hear the spontaneity and joy that we had making music together when you listen to our cd. Thanks to Micky for putting everything together and being a great host, and to Ulf and Micky for their beautiful playing and friendship.“

John Stowell, Portland, Oregon, May 2022


1. Vitra (comp. Ulf Bandgren)
Vitra is an anagram of the Finnish name Ritva, who is the mother of my son Johannes.

2. Portuguese Blue (comp. Mickylee)
On my First visit to Portugal, I noticed (or imagined) that the sky had more intense color than anywhere else I‘ve been to.

3. Ghost In The Corner (comp. John Stowell)
Simple melody with a blues flair, accompanied by beautiful harmonies.

4. Light as a Feather (comp., arr. Mickylee)
Trying to find the right balance between complexity and simplicity.

5. It could happen to you (comp. Jimmy Van Heusen)
One of my favourite standards to play. John and Ulf made it even more enjoyable.

6. You know When You Got It (comp. Ulf Bandgren)
A quote from a famous Swedish jazz drummer whom I used to play with.

7. Should I Tell You (comp., arr. Mickylee)
This is a song that I composed exclusively for our trio. It is characterised by melodies‚ mixing and flowing into each other as well as a lot of silence.

8. Tapioca Time (comp. John Stowell)
I never tried tapioca, but if it tastes half as good as this tune, I already like it!

9. A Long Time Coming (comp. Mickylee)
It is a song about waiting for a certain thing to happen for too long. After it finally happened, the feeling of joy and relief is immense. One extended melody is being played over and over again, each time with new details.

Ulf Bandgren and Mickylee, Gothenburg and Vienna, May 2022


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